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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor spaces on residential and commercial properties are increasingly becoming the focus points when owners want to upgrade the look of their home. Gardens and yards and all the elements and features that you have added to them are easily visible in the daytime; however, after dark, these spaces become inaccessible. The one way to ensure that these areas get used as much after dark as they are during the day, is to get appropriate landscape lighting installed on your property.

Experienced Professionals

In most cases, property owners end up installing floodlights or lights that are trained on the exterior of their homes. Though this type of lighting enhances the look of the architectural elements, it does not flatter the landscaping in any way. Quality Landscaping is one of the leading landscape companies in Nicholasville. We have years of experience in designing and installing outdoor lighting on residential and commercial properties. We are always in-sync with the latest trends and also ensure that you are provided high value for money on all fronts.

Focus on Features

With this in view, we design outdoor lighting solutions that will help enhance the natural beauty of the landscaping on your property as well as the beauty of your home. We use a variety of systems to create a very impressive and attractive look and focus on illuminating:

Landscape Lighting
  • Large & uniquely - structured trees
  • Fire pits & fireplaces
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Retaining walls
  • Water features
  • Pathways, driveways & walkways
  • Artistically-designed fencing
  • Decks and pergolas
  • Planters & flower beds
  • Other

Low Maintenance Options

Residential and commercial customers across Richmond, Danville, Lawrenceburg and the surrounding areas trust us with all their landscape lighting needs. Even as we focus on enhancing the overall look of the property, we also know that all this lighting dramatically increases your lighting bills. But we have a solution for that too. We use LED lighting in the landscaping. LED bulbs are 80% more energy-efficient than standard bulbs. In addition, they also last for up to 15 years and you will not have to replace them every now and then.

Landscape Lighting

Cost-Effective Landscape Lighting

We also use solar-powered paver lights. These are very innovative features and are embedded in the paver installation. They are powered by the sun’s rays and have batteries that store power. This power is used to light the LED bulbs in the fitting. These environment-friendly lights are significantly cost-effective and help you keep a handle on costs. Though you may find LED lights a little expensive at the outset, they are extremely cost-efficient in the long term.

We are very particular about providing customers with solutions that work for them. If you want stunning landscape lighting, call Quality Landscaping on 859-885-8313. We serve commercial and residential customers across Richmond, Danville, Lawrenceburg and the surrounding areas. We will come over to your location, survey the landscaping and then provide customized solutions that work perfectly for you. For more information contact us today.

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