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Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

Quality Landscaping is one of the leading landscaping companies in the region. Over the years we have designed and installed landscapes for residential and commercial customers in and around Nicholasville. With years of experience under our belt we know exactly what it takes to create stunning landscapes. It takes a combination of factors to create a beautiful landscape; hardscaping , correct plant selections, and irrigation. We focus on your landscaping followed by the correct irrigation installation and maintenance. Regardless of the size and scope of your project, water is key to keeping your plants and trees healthy.

Custom Services

We provide custom irrigation installation & maintenance solutions that fit perfectly into your budget. Some customers want the premier broad landscape maintenance service package we offer while others choose standalone irrigation services. We are the experts who pay attention to every detail to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your job. The best way to make sure that your plants and trees get adequate water and remain healthy is to opt for our expert irrigation installation and maintenance services.

Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

The Process

We have an experienced team who works closely with the irrigation installation team. In tandem they ensure that all the areas of your garden and yard get the right amount of water at the right frequency. While we are designing this system, we take a number of factors into consideration such as:

  • The grading of your property
  • The types of plants and trees
  • The specific watering needs
  • Manual or automatic irrigation

First, we will survey the property to understand which types of plants and trees you have. All plants have different watering requirements. When we are installing landscapes for our customers, we ensure that the plants we use in the project have similar watering needs. But there could be times when the plants in your existing landscaping have different watering needs; this makes the irrigation job more complex.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

We have the expertise and experience to handle challenging irrigation installations. We take all factors into account to design the perfect system to keep your landscaping well-watered and healthy. Of equal importance to correct design and installation is regular maintenance. We have standard plans for you to choose from and we can custom design as well. Every service we provide is aimed at ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with our services.

High-Quality Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

We serve residential and commercial customers and know that every client will have different requirements for their landscaping. Our attention to detail and focus on using high-grade materials and expert labor is what sets us apart from the competition. If you need irrigation installation & maintenance services for your residential or commercial property in Richmond, Danville, Lawrenceburg and the surrounding areas, call Quality Landscaping at 859-885-8313.

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