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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Some properties in Richmond, Danville, Lawrenceburg and the surrounding areas are graded and this grading creates very unique landscaping opportunities. But there are times when it also poses a problem. When driveways, pathways and walkways are being installed or any outdoor features built, it sometimes becomes necessary to level the land at some points. This also means it may leave some slope without support. Soil erosion can occur which can lead to mudslides and soil erosion, which can damage the property as well as the landscaping.

High-Grade Walls

This makes it important to have retaining walls built at strategic points. When Quality landscaping handles landscaping work for you and on graded land, we very carefully survey the entire area. We make note of all the spots that could be impacted during the landscape installation and then plan on building walls there. Once you have agreed to the quote and the design, we then begin the construction of the retaining walls. The highest grade materials are used in the work and we also ensure that the best personnel are deployed in the project.

Retaining Walls

Types of Retaining Walls

Based on the location of the retaining walls, we may decide to build:

  • Cantilevered retaining walls
  • Piling walls
  • Gravity walls

Once these walls have been built they lend the required support to the landscaping. They are highly functional as they help demarcate spaces on your property. Depending on which spot they have been built on, they may also serve a dual purpose. For instance, they can hold back a slope on one side and have in-built seating on the other, which adds to their functionality. We also help build retaining walls on existing landscaping.

Superbly Engineered Retaining Walls

If you feel that any part of the outdoor space needs additional stability, we can build these walls for you in the most expert manner. We handle projects of every scale for commercial and residential customers. The focus is always on providing you value for money and completing the work in a professional and timely manner. We are an all-service landscaping company and that is what places us a notch above the rest of the companies in the field. We have very deep knowledge about the various aspects of landscaping and handle every project in and expert way.

Retaining Walls

Adding Stability to the Landscaping

Building retaining walls is the one way of adding stability to the landscaping on your residential or commercial property. Quality Landscaping has been providing expert landscaping services to customers across the region for a number of years now. We also have many repeat customers, which goes to show the high level of the quality of our services.

If you need retaining walls built on your property in or around Nicholasville, call us on 859-885-8313. We will send out one of our experts to your location; they will evaluate the area and provide you with a design concept as well as a detailed quote for the job. Call us with your requirement today.

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