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Outdoor Kitchens

Today, homeowners in and around Nicholasville are focusing on enhancing the look of the outdoor spaces on their property. These areas are now considered to be an extension of the indoor spaces and adding an outdoor kitchen to your property is a great way of enhancing the look and functionality of the landscaping. When you add a kitchen to an outdoor space it lends the property a new dimension and you will be more inclined to spend your leisure time in these spaces on your property. We at Quality Landscaping have designed and installed outdoor kitchens for hundreds of customers across the region.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens- Design Concepts

If you have a design concept you want us to work on, we can do that for you. On the other hand, if you would like us to provide you with design ideas, our expert landscape and outdoor feature designers will work very closely with you to ensure you get the kind of outdoor kitchen you want. These features could be completely covered or semi-enclosed.

The latter may have half-height retaining walls with in-built seating on one side. This creates the required demarcation without enclosing the space completely. Today there are a number of materials you can choose from and we focus on creating a cohesive look on your property.

A Methodical Approach

Designing and installing outdoor kitchens is a specialist’s job. This is because there are a number of aspects that come into the picture:

Outdoor Kitchens
  • Available space
  • Function and design requirements
  • The materials you want us to use
  • Elaborate or simple design
  • Fittings and appliances to be used
  • The kind of fuel for grills and BBQ’s (propane or gas)

Stunning Outdoor Kitchens Designs

Once you have told us exactly what your requirements are, we create stunning spaces that look good, are highly functional and low-maintenance too. The best materials will be used in the work and every aspect will be looked at in detail. We make it a point to complete the installation on time and work well within your budget. We are the outdoor kitchens experts who have the exposure to create stunning outdoor spaces that are stable and completely in-sync with the architecture and look of your home. There are a number of benefits to adding an outdoor kitchen to your property:

Outdoor Kitchens
  • Extend living spaces.
  • Outdoor cooking is healthy cooking.
  • Takes the fumes and grease of BBQs and grills out of indoor spaces.
  • Adds to the beauty and perspective of your home.
  • Creates a leisure zone for you and your family.

Perfect Installation

We work in a very professional manner and do not cut corners on any count. Every aspect of the outdoor kitchens designing and installation project will be handled to perfection and you will have the kind of outdoor spaces you can be proud of. For more information about outdoor kitchens and our other landscaping services in and around Richmond, Danville, Lawrenceburg, call Quality Landscaping on 859-885-8313.

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