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Decks & Pergolas

Current day homeowners are now looking beyond standard landscaping and turning the outdoor spaces of their properties into entertainment and leisure zones that they can relax in with their families and friends. We at Quality Landscaping can design and install different types of outdoor features on your property, including decks & pergolas. These will be custom-built to your requirements and we ensure that your landscaping gets a unique and attractive look.

Decks & Pergolas

Facts about Decks

  • Decking is an extension that leads out into the yard and leads out from an indoor space.
  • It adds an expansive look to the overall structure of your home.
  • Decks can be made out of concrete or wood- the flooring can be paved too.
  • It becomes a very good space to relax and entertain guests in.
  • We can add railings and other features like posts with lighting in them.
  • Though it is possible to get modular decks, custom-built ones add a distinctive look and charm to your property.

Pergola Facts

Decks & Pergolas
  • A pergola is either a standalone structure or one that can be attached to the exterior wall of your home to create a semi-shaded space.
  • Pergolas form a shaded passageway/walkway/sitting area that is made with vertical pillars or posts that generally support a number of cross-beams- this creates a very sturdy open lattice.
  • You can then train woody vines and other creeping plants on it.
  • In some instances, based on the kind of styling you like, it could also be an extension of your home structure and may protect a pathway between pavilions or other spaces in the landscaping- such as a pool area or a gazebo.
  • You can also opt for a free-standing pergola. This will not be attached to any outdoor structure or exterior wall of your home. This elegant outdoor feature becomes an ideal sitting area that offers effective protection from the harsh rays of the sun.

Customized Decks & Pergolas

Decks & Pergolas

The outdoor feature you choose to have on your property will be dependent on your personal preferences, the available space as well as the overall styling and structure of your home. Regardless of whether you opt for decks or pergolas or both these features, with us handling the job, you are assured that the best custom solutions will be provided; the highest quality materials will be used and experienced and expert personnel will handle the installation. It means that you always get value for money and the outdoor spaces on your property always look distinctive in design.

Functional Outdoor Spaces

Quality Landscaping is the expert who ensure that you get high-quality outdoor features that will add to the functionality of the outdoor spaces on your property and give you a good reason to step outdoors. Every solution we provide will be customized to your requirements and we focus on providing you 100% customer satisfaction in every job we handle for you. For more information about our decks & pergolas in and around Nicholasville, call us on 859-885-8313.

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