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Tree Removal & Trimming

Tree Removal & Trimming

Many properties in and around Nicholasville have a number of large and small trees. They add freshness and greenery to the property and the area and increase the value of the property too. Though trees are hardy and strong and require less maintenance than smaller plants and shrubs do, they still have to be watered and require fertilizers etc. It’s also very important that you opt for regular tree removal and trimming services. Quality Landscaping has been in the landscaping business for a number of years and we service residential and commercial customers across the region.

Importance of Tree Removal and Trimming

Just as plants and hedges require regular trimming, trees also have to be trimmed regularly and there are a number of benefits to it:

Tree Removal & Trimming
  • Improves Quality- As part of our tree removal and trimming services, we remove all broken and weak branches. We also check for pest infestations while doing this and either treat or remove those branches. Fungal infections are also dealt with in the same manner. This helps the rest of the tree grow properly.
  • Improves Growth Rate- Trimming and pruning the trees on a regular basis improves overall growth of the tree- it also cuts back the fast-growing shoots, suckers and water sprouts.
  • Improves Surrounding Plant Health- When trees are trimmed on a regular basis, it allows the sunlight to reach the rest of the plants that are growing near and under them, which enhances their growth.
  • Increases Longevity- Regular tree removal and trimming helps in maintaining the overall health of the landscaping. Trimming adds to the longevity of the trees.
  • Aesthetics- Trimmed plants and trees add to the beauty and aesthetics of the landscaping and encourage you to use the outdoor spaces more.

Tree Removal

There are different instances in which tree removal may be required:

Tree Removal & Trimming
  • While we are carrying out regular maintenance of trees, if we notice that a particular tree has been severely infested and that treatment will not help it- we suggest that the tree be removed completely. Every effort is made to see if fungicidal or pesticide treatments will help and cutting down a tree is always only the last resort.
  • There are times when stormy weather damages trees and they sometimes get uprooted from the ground too. In this case, you can opt for our tree removal services.
  • At times, the large roots of trees on your property start growing very close to the foundation of your home or the sewer lines on your property. This can cause a lot of damage and the one way to prevent it is to remove the trees completely.

We have the expertise, experience and all the latest equipment required to clear your residential or commercial property of the damaged or broken trees. When you opt for your tree removal and trimming services, you know that you are hiring the best in the region. We serve commercial and residential customers across Richmond, Danville, Lawrenceburg and the surrounding areas. For more information about our landscaping services, call Quality Landscaping on 859-885-8313.

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