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Flooding & Erosion

Flooding & Erosion

Drainage plays a very important role in landscaping and just as proper irrigation is necessary, so is proper drainage. Improper drainage design and installation can result in flooding and can ruin the landscaping and other features on your property. These repairs can turn out to be very expensive and its best to focus on these aspects before the installation, rather than after the damage occurs.

Flooding Control Solutions

Quality Landscaping provides highly sophisticated flooding & erosion control solutions. This installation could be part of the broader landscape installation or could be added at a later date as required. If you have noticed any flooding or erosion on your property, call us without delay and we will check the entire landscape drainage system carefully. Based on what the problem is, we will fix the problem using either below ground or surface water drainage solutions. If necessary, we may use a combination of both.

Different Systems

These systems serve distinctly different purposes:

Flooding & Erosion
  • Surface Water Drainage - These systems pull all the excess water from the hardscaping and planting beds as well as the areas where more water accumulates. In addition, they provide the water with a path to move along. We then install catch bins to collect all the above-ground run-off towards the end of the landscaping features such as driveways, decks and patios.

    All this water is then carried to a centralized water collection point through an underground drain-pipe which does not impact the garden. In addition, we may install shallow swales or dry streambeds. Not only do these prevent flooding but they protect the soil from erosion too.

  • Below Ground Drainage - These drains are effective in preventing erosion. They also protect the drainage-sensitive lawns or plant material. They effectively remove water from a flooded yard- this water is carried through to a French drain/channel structure from where it then gets moves into a collection pit into an existing drain swale.

Effective Solutions

Flooding & Erosion

Over the years, we have provided effective flooding & erosion control solutions to residential and commercial customers across the region. These services go a long way in protecting your investment and help maintain the health of the living elements in the landscaping such as the grass and plantings.

We use appropriate storm water management as well as erosion control methods to ensure that your landscaping does not get impacted by flooding. We also adopt a very specialized approach to flooding and erosion control – we set a physical barrier that is made of a mix of rock installation and vegetation.

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Plants such as wildflower mixes, native flora & fauna and grass seed mixes will then be planted in the areas where there is an indication of soil erosion. In some places we may also install an erosion-control blanket (these are nets made of biodegradable materials). They provide temporary protection against low-medium erosion. In some areas we may also install retaining walls for expert flooding & erosion control solutions in and around Richmond, Danville, Lawrenceburg, call Quality Landscaping on 859-885-8313.

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